On top of my 15 years of experience in this field, I am a science nerd and an expert linguist. I will look efficiently for the right terminology and use proper grammar and style. I've been translating, editing and reviewing texts varying from basic diagnostics to complex medical equipment manuals, ranging from MSDSs and PILs for reagents and chemicals, laboratory centrifuges mass spectrometers, electrophoresis and PCR machines to endoscopes and orthopaedic surgical equipment and instruments, as well as full clinical trial documentations, both on the scientific and the legal sides.


An expert linguist with an admittedly unlikely technical background as a trained electrician, I am topping my in-depth knowledge of technical terminology in several fields with a good understanding of the science behind the technology I am translating about. I have translated, so far, MSDSs for chemicals, milk and dairy production processes, automotive and agricultural equipment manuals and technical specifications, CNC lathes and machining centres manuals, detailed road and underground building and construction tender dossiers, including process equipment descriptions, environmental assessment reports for wind turbines installation, tanks and locomotive technical specifications and technology, etc.


A sworn translator since 2002, working in the field since 2000, my experience extends from personal documents to contracts, legal documentations, inheritance papers, GDPR, SLA, service agreements, real estate, website T&C, acquis communautaire, etc.
Besides having an established network of resources working in legal professions, my education provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of civil and commercial law.


Literally the best of both worlds: a foodie who started cooking long before she was a translator, with around 600 recipes translated for a baking magazine, recipes that might become an inspiration if she decides to mix some foodie content with her translation blog posts.

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