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A translator, a reviewer, a polyglot (EN|FR|RU|RO) with a passion for science and technoloy, as well as a socially awkward social butterfly with a passion for mentoring. You can always rely on my style and language knowledge, research, eye for detail. This does not, however, preclude me from erring on the lighter side of everything translation. This is me. A socially awkward social butterfly with a passion for mentoring.

You might be wondering why some of us insist on minimum charge. Here's the 1 h (the equivalent of my minimum charge) timeline of an under 100-word job. Opening e-mail, clicking on platform, downloading materials: 5 minutes; Reading the source, preparing the source Excel for the CAT-tool, setting the project up in the CAT-tool: 15 minutes; Researching most of the terminology to determine if specific terms are products or product features: 25 minutes;

Why might a non-native translator be better (sometimes) than a native one? First, a good, specialised, non-native translator might have a better command of the specialised language than a generalist native. Second, some language combinations, such as most combinations with Romanian, simply do not have enough specialised translators. Third, the best non-native translators are those who are very good at translating into their native languages, too.

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