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I, translator

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I, translator

A translator, a reviewer, a polyglot (EN|FR|RU|RO) with a passion for science and technoloy, as well as a socially awkward social butterfly with a passion for mentoring. And of course I am serious. Professionally, I mean. You can always rely on my style and language knowledge, research, eye for detail.

This does not, however, preclude me from erring on the lighter side of everything translation. So, if you end up in this section of my site, expect, besides serious matters, some light banter, translation trivia and dancing robots (from Boston Dynamics) that bring joy to my technical translator’s heart, and even a translated Transylvanian recipe (or ten).

So, expect everything. Some tips and tricks, some why-s answered, some serious medical, technical and legal translation issues explained. Also, expect silly things, translation trivia, food, and tons of coffee.

This is me. Now you can scroll down and watch the dancing robots.

Yours truly,


Translator. Foodie. Science nerd and language expert with a passion for medical, technical and gourmet translations.

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