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Marketing for introverts

Marketing for introverts

… or random tips on how not to stink at self-marketing

Did I clickbait you? I guess I did.

Truth be told, I’d be the first to sign up for such a class, but there’s no such thing for introverted freelancers.

How I do it? I never thought about it, but here it is, so far:

  • Be really, really, really good at what you’re doing. I, for one, cannot rely on my networking skills, as I pretty much stink at marketing, just like any proper introvert.
  • Write more than ‘project confirmed/rejected’ to your clients or your clients’ project managers. They’re human, too, and appreciate a polite reply just as much as you do.
  • Be kind to fellow translators when they deserve it. They might refer you to their existing clients. Also, giving praise when due when you’re the reviewer warms translators’ professional hearts just as much as a big invoice paid on time.

Do I make as much money as I possibly could at my skill and experience level? Quite possibly, not.

Do I feel I should push myself more, marketing-wise? Sometimes. And sometimes I do.

Do I feel bad for not doing enough marketing? Sometimes, but more often than not, no.

Should you listen to me? Absolutely not. Being your best self is the best for you.

Translator. Foodie. Science nerd and language expert with a passion for medical, technical and gourmet translations.

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